Is my appointment at Compassion confidential?

Yes it is. Compassion Pregnancy Center is a medical clinic that is HIPAA compliant, so all of your health information is secure. Our comfortable and safe clinic is designed with you in mind. All those that serve you, have signed a Confidentiality Agreement and Acknowledgment of Policies.

If I am a minor, will you inform my parents?

No matter your age, your confidentiality is a priority. We will not disclose any information to your parents–not even the fact that you’ve had an appointment at Compassion. We encourage you to involve your parents in this pregnancy decision, but respect your choice in the matter.

If you are under 18, by Michigan Law, you don’t need your parents’ permission to have a pregnancy test, ultrasound, or STI test. If you’d like for your parents to be involved, they may join you for your appointment. The choice is up to you.

Do I Need an Ultrasound If I’m Planning To Terminate?

The short answer is “yes.” An ultrasound provides two important facts: 1) viability of your pregnancy (i.e. a heartbeat is detected and the pregnancy is located in the uterus), 2) how many weeks along your pregnancy is. Up to 1 in 4 pregnancies may end in a miscarriage. [i] In the case of a miscarriage, you wouldn’t need to terminate.

At Compassion, ultrasounds are free and performed by a registered nurse trained in limited sonography. Make an appointment at Compassion so you begin gathering the information you need to make an informed choice.

What About Emergency Contraception?

It’s important to be informed and consult a medical professional before taking any medications including emergency contraception. Emergency contraception, also commonly called the morning after pill, is sold under various names; plan B One Step, Next Choice, Levonorgestrel and Ella. These oral pills are intended to be taken within a specified time after unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy. They contain high doses of hormones, similar to those found in some birth control pills.

I’ve already had an abortion but have more questions…

The personal impact after an abortion can be overwhelming. Each person goes through it differently. It’s helpful to identify your loss and find support. It is important to consider the impact of your physical and your emotional well- being. Some of the common emotions to look for are:

  • Feelings of guilt or anxiety
  • Increased use of alcohol or drugs
  • Instability in relationships
  • Dreams or disturbances in your sleep

It is helpful to seek post-abortion support if any of the above symptoms linger for longer than a few weeks. Compassion offers free and confidential post-abortion support. Please call us at 586-783-2229 and schedule an appointment.

What About My Future?

Your future will probably be one of the first things you think about when you find out that you are pregnant. Can you finish school? Have a career? What about the baby’s father… do you have a future together? All of your pregnancy options will have a different impact on your future. That’s why it’s very important to take time to consider your options and how each one of them affect your future.

[i] “Miscarriage.” American Pregnancy Association. www.americanpregnancy.org. Accessed 9/12/14. http://americanpregnancy.org/pregnancycomplications/miscarriage.html


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