Unplanned Pregnancy

I’m pregnant…

Your pregnancy test is positive. You didn’t expect this result. Now what?  So many emotions, so many questions.

Here are some steps in working through an unplanned pregnancy:

1. You’re surprised, even shocked. That’s okay.   A lot of pregnancies are unplanned, some say even up to half. It is normal to feel a lot of emotions all at once and wonder what to think, what to do, and how to cope.

2. You’re emotional. That’s okay, too.  A lot of pregnancies are unplanned, some say even up to half. It is normal to feel a lot of emotions like anger, shock, fear, disbelief, surprise, confusion, and even to waver between them all.

3. Take a breath.  We’re here for you. We’ll listen, ask questions to help you think through this. You’re not alone.

4. Slow down. This is a big decision. Slow down your racing mind and get good information. Think about how you may feel about each of your options a week, a month, or a year from now. Don’t base this decision on your first thought that may be more informed by shock and fear than by facts.

5. Get facts and think about the different options. Facts can be empowering. Get them. We will equip you on all of your options and listen to your concerns. We have no financial interest in your decision. So take the time to get equipped so that you can make your best informed choice.

6. Find non-judgmental support. You are the one experiencing this pregnancy. It’s important to have people who will offer encouragement and help if you need it. Who is in your corner to think through this? If you aren’t sure where to start, Compassion and our team can help you with free and confidential information, equipping, and support throughout your pregnancy and well beyond. We have a lot of help, material goods, resources, and referrals to help women and men facing pregnancy decisions. We’ve been helping for over 25 years and we’re here for you, too.

Have more questions?

Need more help? Please reach out to us with any questions. We’re here for you.