Is the Abortion Pill the Morning After Pill?

The short answer is no. The abortion pill is NOT the morning after pill. The abortion pill is when a woman takes a prescribed medication (pills) to complete what is called a “medical abortion” or a “chemical abortion” to end a pregnancy. Medications commonly used for this are Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

What About Seeing A Doctor On My Computer Instead Of In Person?

Telemedicine, where a doctor sees patients on a computer screen and they are actually somewhere else, has become more common in a lot of medical fields. Sometimes telemedicine is used for convenience where there isn’t easy transportation to get to the doctor and other times where the doctor is too far away. Seeing a doctor this way means more women may be able to end a pregnancy earlier without access to a nearby doctor. This can be risky for the woman if there are complications.

Is Using An Abortion Pill Safe?

Increased use of abortion pills may give the impression that these “medical abortion” procedures are safe. In truth, these procedures can put women in danger.

Having abortion pills more easily available by telemedicine without a physical examination by a doctor can put the lives of women at risk. The safety of this practice needs to be questioned.

What Is Known About The Pills 

One of the FDA-approved abortion pills, called Mifepristone requires a Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS). A REMS requires the medication to be given out only by certified prescribers and only in clinics, medical offices, or hospitals. This is called a “black box warning”. A “black box warning” is given only “for certain medications with serious safety concerns to help ensure the benefits of the medication outweigh its risks.”

There are many possible negative effects from this medication that could include:

  • Needing a blood transfusion
  • Infection from an incomplete abortion

and more. Telemedicine cannot provide the immediate, often lifesaving, medical care a woman needs when these side effects occur.

There is a required after-abortion examination to:

  • Make sure that proper healing is taking place
  • Evaluate the uterine size,
  • Check for signs of bleeding
  • Check for signs of infection.

With telemedicine, these critical issues that must be resolved for the safety and well-being of women are impossible.

At Compassion Pregnancy Center, we want you to be safe whether you choose abortion, parenting, or adoption. We are here to equip and empower you so that you are ready to make an informed decision.

If you think you may be or know you are pregnant, make sure you have the correct information before you make your choice.  Ask for a doctor or other qualified medical professional (registered nurse or sonographer) to do an ultrasound to make sure you’re pregnant, not experiencing an ectopic pregnancy, and are within the time limit for use of the abortion pill.

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