You Got This

You Got This!

I recently saw comments from a blind man, responding to people always saying to him, “Man, it must suck to be blind!” and “How do you do it? You poor guy!”. His response? There are plenty of good things about being blind:

  • I get VIP treatment at amusement parks and restaurants
  • My electric bill is lower than yours because the dark doesn’t bother me at all.
  • I don’t have to watch someone I love age
  • I heart people’s hearts and who they really are and aren’t distracted by any of the external things that don’t really matter.

Is he just ignoring the hard things? No. Will his way of looking at his situation change it at all? No, again. There are some things that are very hard for him but he makes a choice to see the good and keep going forward.

We see this same “I got this!” in many of our clients who are experiencing an unexpected pregnancy. Are their circumstances difficult? Yes. But are they alone in their pregnancy? Nope. Even if everyone else walks away, we’re right there with them. You see, we know that equipping and empowering our clients with no-cost pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, info on all of your options, material goods, great resources, a listening ear, and a long-term relationship, if they want it, helps. You are stronger than you think. You are braver than you think. And if you need someone to stand with you, we’re there.

Text us at 313-583-9770 or call us at 586-783-9620. Get some answers, find out if you really are pregnant. And if you know that you are and are wondering how far along you might be, connect with us. If you need to know your options about abortion, pregnancy, parenting, or even adoption, connect with us. We believe that you got this.